• Q.1How to know CINCON new product launching announcement?

    Click "News" and select the product press release article type for acquiring new product information.

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  • Q.2What product information does CINCON website provide?

    1. Specification

        Details of product features, electrical specification, function, and mechanical specification can be found in the Data Sheet.


    2. Certificate

        The certificate from accredited certification body is provided for customers' reference.


    3. Application note

        Application note provides detailed product specification, instruction and considerations.

  • Q.3How to learn the product discontinued information?

    Through “Products”, you can see “Not Recommended for New Designs(NRND)” and “EOL Products”.

    Products listed on NRND (Not Recommended for New Design) list means these models will be gradually discontinued and replaced in the future, and may start the EOL procedure.

    Products listed on EOL (END of LIFE) list means there will be no more manufacturing and selling for those. However, the after service will still be carried out.

  • Q.4How to find products you need from CINCON website?

    1. Browse by Category

    Click “Products” on the website Menu.

    Click “product categories” such as DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supply or LED Power

    Click “product sub-categories” what you need.

    Through wattage and function information, you will find the products you need.

    Through Power, Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Features and Dimensions, you will find the product series you need.

    Click “product series”, you will find more information by product models.


    2. Product Selector

    Click “Products” on the website Menu, then Click “Product Search”, or click “SEARCH” icon from the upper of CINCON website.

    By choosing product category and electrical characteristic, or enter” Part Number Keyword” related product and specification are shown below.


    3. Google Search

    If you know the series name, type the “Part Number Keyword” with site:www.cincon.com command, will only search the related product information at www.cincon.com.

    For example: type “CHB50 site:www.cincon.com”, will only show the CHB50 related information at www.cincon.com.


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